Board member: Secretary

Board member: Secretary

Burning Man The Netherlands (BMNL) is looking for a new board member. Specifically we are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated Board Secretary with great networking and leadership skills.

BMNL is a 100% affiliate of Burning Man Projects (US). Currently, the board is formed by 4 members, all volunteer (unpaid) positions. The current board members are Hans Wegman (treasurer), Rene Meeuwessen (general board member) and Marian Goodell (general board member). Interim chair is Alvaro.


What will you do?

As Secretary, you will act as the liaison between the board, the Burning Man community, Burning Man Dutch Regional Contacts (RC), Burning Man Project, and the media. You know how to be visible and approachable. Your entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t mean you have an answer to everything, but you are always willing to help out.

You will co-prepare all board meetings, keep Burning Man documentation up to date and accessible for those who need it, and are responsible for the recording and archiving of the minutes during meetings, including board meetings, Town Halls, or similar.

As board member you will contribute to co-creating future-proof plans, complete and publish yearly reports, and help facilitate Town Hall meetings and similar events.

  • Information point for board, Burning Man Project, Burning Man Regional Contacts and the community and / or media;

  • Manages the drive with all documents, reports and contracts;

  • Collects relevant information and shares this with the board and/or Burning Man Project;

  • Prepares the agenda for board meetings with the chairperson/board;

  • Provides reporting of meetings with the board, with event leads or initiatives that are / are supported by BMNL;

  • Draws up the policy plan and annual report together with the chairperson / board/ committees.

  • Participates actively with Burning Man Netherlands community, including involvement in a committee (e.g. Civic Committee)


Who are you?

First of all, you feel truly connected with BMNL community and the principles it pursues. You would love to contribute your time, passion and enthusiasm! Further, you are a true social connector who loves speaking in public and are able to bring opposing opinions together through consent.

To be successful in this role you also need:

  • Experience in a managerial role, preferably in a board;

  • Knowledge of the cultural industry is a plus;

  • You have a general consensus mindset;

  • You have excellent mediation skills;

  • You know the 10 principles by heart and have ambitious ideas on BMNL’s mission and projects concerning education, arts, civic involvement.

  • You are connected to the Dutch burn community and enthusiastically promote and support local burner culture


What’s in it for you?

As with all positions within BMNL, this is a volunteer position. However, being a Board Member will open doors for you! And you are influential in the growth and success of the Burning Man community in the Netherlands.

Yes, I want to do this!

Great! We are looking forward to your application. Please apply using the apply button on this website and submit your resume and cover letter.


A selection committee (1 board member, 1 RC, 1 event lead, and 3 community members) will screen all applications. After a first selection there will be interviews. If you have any questions please reach out to   


June 4 - July 2:

  • Call for Applications: We’re inviting enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to apply for the Secretary position. Submit your resume and cover letter during this can apply here! 

July 3 - July 16:

  • Initial Screening: Our selection committee, comprising board members, RCs, event leads, and community members, will review all applications.

July 17 - July 30:

  • First-Round Interviews: Selected candidates will be invited for initial interviews to discuss their qualifications and passion for the role.

July 31 - August 13:

  • Second-Round Interviews: Shortlisted candidates will participate in follow-up interviews to further evaluate their fit and vision for the community.

August 14 - August 27::

  • Final Selection: The committee will deliberate and choose the final candidate for the Secretary position. 

*We will do our very best to uphold this schedule but recognise that summer availability may require slight modifications to accommodate applicants or selection committee members.



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