Civic Involvement Contact

In order to grow exposure and facilitate new and existing Civic initiatives, Burning Man Netherlands (BMNL) is looking for a Civic Involvement Contact who is an active and visible participant, to develop and represent our Civic Involvement Programs.

As a Civic Involvement Contact, you value civil society and your mission is to stimulate and initiate projects within the Burning Man community that contribute to civil society.

Your responsibilities are, amongst others:

  • Act as a liaison between the BMNL board and the Dutch Burner community regarding all Civic Involvement related projects
  • Help grow the Burning Man Netherlands Community
  • Initiate fundraisers, social art projects, communal gifting opportunities, etc.
  • Collaborate on civic projects with other local burn communities (example: Burners Without Borders initiatives)
  • Inspire the community towards civic activities that reach past our existing Burner community

Who are you?

You are a visible and active member of our Dutch community who feels inspired by the ethos and 10 Principles of Burning Man.

  • Great social and networking skills
  • You have some experience organizing fundraisers, crowdfunding campaigns or fairs
  • You know how to inspire people to gift their time, effort or money to civic society
  • A hero who is willing to spend a few hours a week of his/her free time for BMNL

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to be at the helm of one of the core Burning Man pillars: developing and steering an engaging and inspiring Civic Involvement programme that captures the imagination.

As with all positions within Burning Man Netherlands, this is a volunteer position. However, being the Contact for the BMNL Civic Involvement program will give you access to a vast network of enthusiastic good doers and engaged participants to help you develop.

Further, we can offer you educational programs from Burning Man Project, a place to create, learn and to be your true self!

Yes, I want to do this!

Great! We are looking forward to your application. Please apply via the apply button on this website and submit a cover letter and a resumé with relevant experience for this position (this does not have to be your default resumé). 

What will happen next?

A committee existing of 1 board member, our Head of Resourceful Humans (aka HR) and a member of the BMNL community will assess the applications and invite suitable candidates for an interview with BM HR and a community member.

After the interviews are conducted,  the committee will select the best suitable candidate.

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